KCI Powder Coating Guns- Manual

KCI Powder Coating Guns, Machines & Systems- Manual KCI powder coating guns have three (3) important advantages over other brands. They Cost up to 40% Less than Gema, Nordson or Wagner systems do. They’re the Only Powder Coat Gun system Sold with a Full 5 Year No-Wait Warranty. Shipping is FREE to any U.S.  Based Business […]

KCI Powder Coating Guns-Batch

KCI Powder Coating Guns-Batch Category: KCI powder coating guns-batch. We offer two (2) types of batch systems…the K1-3 Mini Hopper System and the K1-4 Cup Gun machine. Both are fantastic for short- run batch jobs that require fast color changes. The cup gun system is perfect for small parts operation or hobbyist. Both units use […]