KCI Powder Coating Gun- Model K1-6

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KCI model K1-6 Manual Powder Coating Gun


KCI Powder Coating Guns

KCI Powder Coating Guns Have all The Same Bells and Whistles as Gema, Nordson, & Wagner

  • A Full 100Kv of First Pass Power
  • Four (4) Preset Coating Modes
  • Quick Color Changes
  • Self Cleaning
  • Power Clean /Purge Button on Gun



The KCI K1-6 is a commercial duty box fed powder coating gun that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 50 Lbs. of powder at a time.

The system has 4 different pre-set push button modes. They are… Coating-Recoat-Pulse-and Corner. These four presets will cover 98% of all powder coating applications with just the push of a button.
Coating mode is the go to setting for everyday applications. In coating mode Kv, Amperage, Conveying air and Dosing air can all be adjusted.

(Note: Recoat, Corner & Pulse modes are preset at the factory for convenience and best results and cannot be adjusted.)

To use the gun, simply load the powder box onto the machine, drop the pickup tube down into the powder, power up the unit, select a coating mode and begin powder coating. It’s just that simple.

When you’re finished spraying powder for the day or need to change colors, cleanup is easy. Just press the power clean button on the back of the gun to purge the powder out the hoses and gun, wipe down the pickup tube.

The K1-6 comes with Powder Coat Pro’s exclusive 5 year “No Wait” factory warranty. Because we sell more KCI guns than anyone else, we have arranged for special warranty treatment with KCI for all of our customers.

Should you ever have a problem with your system simply call us and we’ll walk you through 3 simple tests over the phone to determine what’s wrong.
Then, instead of having to ship your gun back at your own expense for warranty examination and waiting a week or more for a decision, we will quickly UPS out whatever is needed to get you back up and running.
No more waiting weeks to get your gun back. (Perfect for single gun shops!)

It’s also good to know that with PowderCoatPro shipping of your KCI unit is always FREE. Some other dealers charge up to $300 to ship their guns. Our unit’s ship pre-assembled by freight just as long as you have a loading dock or forklift. If not, gate lift service is available for an extra fee or we can ship to you by UPS ground and you can assemble the unit yourself which talks less than 10 minutes and is simple to do.


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Compare KCI Powder Coating Guns to Gema, Nordson, or Wagner

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LG Appliances Performance PC
Seal Tec Global CNC Art Cut
Advanced Powder Coating Simply Powder Coating
Maine Source Machinery BC Powder Coating 
ACS Products
JD’s Powder Coating Advanced Finishings
Infinity Powder Coating Advanced Coatings
C&S Powder Coating All American Fitness
Belvin Bros BCA Powder
Ranew’s Auto & Truck Pickering Powder Coating
Iron Innovations Resia Construction
Phoenix Metals Special FX
Suraco Powder Coating Paradigm Group. LLC
Xtreme Armor Don Prince Powder Coating
Contagious Customs Brad Werner Powder Coating
Josh Miskin Powder Coating Drakon Coatings
Avcom, INC. KKM Metals
Heartland Trailer Diamond State Concepts
SB Powder Coating TCW Metals
Mavron, Inc. Avanta
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (US GOV)
Schneider Electric Heartland Trailer
Clark Brothers Welding Mickey Johns Outdoors
San Juan Powder Coating Ordinance Research
Infinity Powder J&D Powder Coating
NB Electric Recycle Designs
Digico Gomes Powder Coating