KCI Powder Coating Guns-Batch

KCI Powder Coating Guns-Batch

Category: KCI powder coating guns-batch.
We offer two (2) types of batch systems…the K1-3 Mini Hopper System and the K1-4 Cup Gun machine. Both are fantastic for short- run batch jobs that require fast color changes. The cup gun system is perfect for small parts operation or hobbyist. Both units use the same gun and controller found in our most popular box feed powder coat guns and have the following features.

Powder Coating Batch Gun Features:

100Kv of First Pass Power

4 Preset Coating Modes that cover 95% of all jobs

Custom Programmable Controller for your own powder coat recipes

Push- Button Quick Color Changes in under 5 minutes

Powder Flow Control Adjustments Right on the Gun

Two Gun Styles to Chooses From

Kci mini hopper powder coating gun

KCI Mini hopper powder coating guns are the perfect choice for smaller job runs. Color changes in under 5 minutes are possible with the use of additional hoppers.

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Kci powder coating gun cup style gunKCI Cup Style powder coating guns are the are a great choice for the home hobbyist or shop that specialized in coating small parts or need to produce prototypes and test color samples.


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