KCI Powder Coating Guns- Manual

KCI Powder Coating Guns, Machines & Systems- Manual

KCI powder coating guns have three (3) important advantages over other brands.

  1. They Cost up to 40% Less than Gema, Nordson or Wagner systems do.
  2. They’re the Only Powder Coat Gun system Sold with a Full 5 Year No-Wait Warranty.
  3. Shipping is FREE to any U.S.  Based Business Address.*

Gun Features:

  • 100Kv of First Pass Power
  • 4 Preset Coating Modes that cover 95% of all jobs
  • Custom Programmable Controller for your own powder coat recipes
  • Push- Button Quick Color Changes in under 5 minutes
  • Powder Flow Control Adjustments Right on the Gun

Two Gun Styles to Choose From

KCI offers two types of manual powder coating guns, Box feed machines and hopper style machines. A brief description of each is below with link to more detailed information and pictures.

KCI powder coating gun box feedKCI Box Feed Powder Coat Guns

Box fed powder coat systems are designed for shops that powder many different colors in batches of 2 lbs. to 50 lbs. KCI’S model K1-6 Box Fed powder coating guns has been the go-to choice for some of Americas most successful powdercoaters for over a decade now and is our best-seller. They have all of the same bells and whistles as Gema, Nordson, & Wagner guns do without the heavy price tag and they have a better warranty. These guns feature quick color changes and maximum versatility.

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kci powder coating gun hopper feedKCI Hopper Fed Powder Coat Guns

Hopper fed KCI powder coating guns are the perfect choice for those large, single-color powder coating jobs. Many fence, Iron and commercial production facilities manufacturers use this type of machine. Capable of holding up to 40 lbs. of powder at a time, these machines are workhorses and no stranger to production work. They feature the same controls and capabilities as our popular box fed systems do and are in stock and ready to work for you.

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*Shipments to Hawaii, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands not included. Shipments box and hopper feed machines to residential addresses may require an additional fee for lift gate service. Please call for details before ordering